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USA Residents Can No Longer Use Moneybookers For Online Gambling

Due to new anti-gambling legislation in the U.S. and as you are a resident of the United States, you cannot use Moneybookers for deposits or payouts at online gambling sites.

Nevertheless, you can of course continue to use your Moneybookers E-Wallet and benefit from our easy and secure payment solution elsewhere on the web. Just visit our ever-growing shopping directory and you will find a variety of great online shopping destinations that have integrated Moneybookers as the most convenient payment method available!

Or use Moneybookers to transfer money worldwide. Compared to international bank transfers, you can save significantly because all person to person transfers hold a maximum fee of just 50 Euro cents (EUR 0.50) regardless of the destination! Moneybookers is also the fastest way to pay, because all transfers are instant.

We are looking forward to keeping you as a satisfied customer, and will continue to work hard to make Moneybookers the world's best payment method.

Please note that if you reside ouside the United States, then Moneybookers gladly welcomes your business and patronage. See a complete list of Online Casinos That Accept Moneybookers Deposits

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